This work began deep in the Amazon Rainforest…

Where the most powerful visionary plants known to man revealed the first woodworking technique known to man.

Visions swarmed the jungle night as I sat gaping goggle-eyed, vomit drool hanging from my lip, the healer singing over me not a man at all but an enormous undulation studded with a thousand kaleidoscopic eyes!

I asked it to show me what to do with my life and I saw a vision like a Youtube tutorial from some bizarre alternate universe: weathered hands using an ancient technique to form a wooden bowl.

So, that’s what I do. Gracias Madre 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻







Join us in the Amazon!

This September, 2018, I’ll return to the Peruvian Amazon to equip a woodcarving workshop and teach local Shipibo kids my techniques.

The workshop will be located at Ayamadre Healing Center owned by acclaimed Shipibo curandera Maestra Estele Pangoza.

We have five spaces open for a week-long ayahuasca retreat and you can join us!


esteleMaestra Estele Pangoza

Our trip to Peru…

Is part of an ongoing teaching effort to establish an international collective which will maintain a marketing platform to mentor and promote our students’ careers internationally while they sell locally.

For more information or to take part in this healing journey, please see our Fundraiser.

received_10210745994910299Reynihue Pangoza is already a shaman’s apprentice and soon to be my student. In ten years he will not only be a great healer like his mother, but a great artist as well.